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Biden Gets Lost During a Friendly Game of Peek-A-Boo at the Airport

Unfortunately, Biden's attempt to entertain the child failed
as the presidential candidate suddenly vanished into thin air
right before the child's eyes. 

-- Washington, DC

By Robert W. Armijo

Joe Biden had been engaged in a game of Peek-A-Boo with a small child while waiting to disembark from his flight in South Carolina today when the 2020 presidential candidate suddenly became confused, disoriented and disappeared from the sight of his staff.  

“Peek-A-Boo,” said Biden to the small child as he held up his two hands to his face. “I see you -- Hey, where [BLEEP] did everybody go?” 

"It was weird," said the father of the small child Biden had been playing the game of Peek-A-Boo. "One second he was there and the next he was gone."  

Biden was later found by airport security sitting on an unclaimed baggage carousel. Going round and round.  

Reportedly, airport security had to tell Mr. Biden to stop putting his hands up to his face, as each time that he would, he would wonder off back to the unclaimed baggage carousel. 

Finally, after several attempts, Biden was eventually reunited with his staff.

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Copyright (C) 2020 by Robert W. Armijo. All rights reserved.

President Obama to World: Je Suis Charlie Who?

President Obama to World: Je Suis Charlie Who?
Washington, D.C. –

During Monday’s routine cabinet meeting at the White House, a foreign affairs advisor read aloud for pending presidential approval a prepared press release.

It acknowledged that the Obama administration had dropped the ball in not sending a more senior representative to participate in the ‘Je Suis Charlie’ Paris march on Sunday, which was attended by 40 world leaders.

Reportedly, that is when President Obama leaned over to Vice President, Joe Biden and whispered into his ear, “Je Suis Charlie who?”

“You know,” Biden whispered back. “The famous general, statesman and architect of the Fifth French Republic and its first president as well, Charles de Gaulle.”

“Oh man,” sighed the president. “Did I almost make a big mistake. I thought they meant Charlie Brown.”

“Yeah, me too,” added Biden. “I had to look it up on Wikipedia.”

“Say, didn’t I shut them down?” asked President Obama.

“No,” replied Biden. “Not yet.”

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White House Sends Card to France, Apologizes for Not Attending Je Suis Charlie Paris March Joke #3

“Sorry, I missed your ‘Je Suis Charlie’ march on Sunday,” wrote President Obama.

 “P.S. In my defense, I could have done worse. I could’ve sent Joe Biden.”

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Sen. Sanders’ Filibuster to Obama: Put the Kitchen Sink Back!

Washington, D.C. --

By Robert W. Armijo

Outgoing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D) and Senator Bernie Sanders (I) took a stand against President Obama today by giving him a shellacking democrat style. 

They took exception when they discovered he made a deal with Republicans to extend the George W. Bush tax cut extensions by two more years. 

A deal that included giving away the White House kitchen sink as well.

Which was the straw that broke the camel’s back, enraging Democrats, provoking them into action.

“Not the kitchen sink too!” said a spokesman for House Democrats.

While Senator Bernie Sanders held the senate floor with a good old filibuster, Nancy Pelsoi headed straight for the White House with a carload of House Democrats.

“Let’s roll, boys,” said Pelosi.

As Nancy Pelosi and company pulled up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, a “99'rs, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, Estate Tax and continued Bush W. Tax Cut Extensions for All Americans” moving truck was parked in front of the White House, its loading ramp already down.

President Obama himself with his sleeves rolled up was helping the moving men carrying the kitchen sink out of the White House out to the moving truck. Vice President Joe Biden standing off to the side drinking a beer, directing Obama and the moving men.

Nancy Pelosi and her boys jumped out of their car and immediately began blocking the loading ramp, their arms interlocked.

“We had to put the kitchen sink back for now,” said one of the moving men who was backing out of the White House carrying the kitchen sink when he bumped into Nancy Pelosi.

“We can’t let a deal this bad go through,” said Senator Bernie Sanders on the Senate floor, continuing with his historic filibuster.

“The White House and everything in it belongs to the people. It is after all the people’s house not his [Obama's]. He’s just a tenant. We the people are the landlords. Landlords of the shining house on the hill that is quickly turning into a tenement. So President Obama, I ask you, on behalf of the American people, who voted for hope and change…Put the kitchen sink back!”

“I don’t see what all the fuss is about,” said Janice Walker, 89, a homeless woman who lives across the street from the White House, while she stood in front of her shopping cart, filled with everything she owns. 

“They’ve been moving furniture out of there ever since they moved in two years ago," said Walker. "Last week it was a Zenith console TV set. You know, they don’t make those in America anymore…TV sets, I mean.”

Walker then pulled back a gray weathered Mexican blanket covering her shopping cart, revealing a Zenith console TV set hidden underneath.

“I got the last one, see?” said Walker smiling a toothless smile. “Now all I need is a new American dream to plug it into.”

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