FFN Meme: N.O.W.' s Latest Missing Person's List Now Missing...A Star!


N.O.W.'s Missing White Woman Syndrome Demeans the Value of All Women -- Except for One Missing Chinese Int’l Female Tennis Pro Star for Accusing a CCP Party Member of Sexual Assault: Part 3?

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Meet the New John Doe


"I Protest!?"


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Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark, Again? Danish Modern Artist’s “Take the Money and Run” Art Display Angers Curators to the Sum of $84,000


Denmark --

By Robert W. Armijo


When a modern art gallery in Denmark opened up the shipping crates to an artwork they commissioned from a local artist, they were shocked to find two giant blank canvases inside titled, "Take the Money and Run."

“I guess should I have been more suspicious when he told me the title of his artwork,” said the museum’s security guard. “But when I questioned him about it, he said it was just a working title.”

“We can’t help but feel deceived,” said the modern art gallery curator. “We were at least expecting a life-sized crucifix suspended in a vat of urine, feces and menstrual blood.”

Nevertheless, the modern art gallery has gone ahead with the decision to display the empty paintings. However, they have decided to change the title of the exhibit.

“We’re changing the name from ‘Take the Money and Run,” said the art curator. “To ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes.”


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White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki Plans to Step Down After Learning She is 100th in Line to Takeover the Presidency


"There she goes! She's headed for the president.
Somebody stop her!"

 Washington, D.C. --

 By Robert W.  Armijo

 With clear eyes, Jen Psaki   announced in a TV   interview that she plans to   step down from her post   as  White House Press   Secretary sometime in the   coming year.

Moreover, Psaki added she was doing so of her own free will and not under duress of any kind. Or having been pressured to resign her position over unsubstantiated circulated rumors of any inappropriate behavior or sexual innuendo of any kind or by any member of the White House.

“I will miss her,” said President Biden. “She has the softest skin and best smelling hair of all the females on my staff.”

However, a leaked internal White House memo to the press described Jen Psaki as:

“An ambitious and revengeful red headed little [CENSORED] that is consumed with power and went into an estrogen powered hormonal rage, after having discovered she is 100th in line to assume the presidency.”

“She went ballistic,” said a witness who eavesdrop on a conversion of an actual witness to the incident. 

Reportedly, Psaski was seen exiting the Oval Office carefully carrying a bedpan in her hands when she heard the news.

“That’s when the shit hit the fan,” said the eavesdropper who overheard the actual eye witness.

Psaski was so enraged she had to be subdued by the Secret Service.

“But she quickly overpowered them and headed straight for the Oval Office, picking up the empty bedpan along the way,” according to the eavesdropper.

With her free hand on the Oval Office doorknob, she was tased and collapsed to the floor. The empty bedpan covering her face.

“I think after I resign,” said a reflective Jen Psaski. “I’ll open my own security firm specializing in self-defense exclusively for women.  And then a daycare center for the elderly.”



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U.S. Mounted Border Patrol Ordered to Stop Treating Haitian Migrants Like, “Those Goddamned Mexicans!”


Mainstream Media's Depiction of a Border Agent
Doing Their Job Defending the U.S./Mexican 
Int'l Border -- As Seen Through Their Eyes

Del Rio, Texas

By Robert W. Armijo

“Sorry,” said a spokesman for the U.S. Mounted Border Patrol. “Force of habit.”

“Huh,” said another border agent. “I thought they were Mexicans.”  

"Tell me," said yet another border agent. "What's the difference again?" 

"I don't know what happened out there," said a border agent who filed for disability after the incident, claiming he is suffering from PTSD. "All I kept thinking was...'Remember the Alamo...Remember the Alamo,' which is weird considering I'm Mexican-American."  

The Biden administration has since announced it would like to apologize on behalf of the mounted border patrol by selling off their horses to the local dog food factory and donating the sale proceeds to BLM, Del Rio chapter. 

However, since PETA has threatened to boycott the upcoming midterm elections, the mounted border patrol horses will safely be sent out to pasture instead.  

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USA Today Reports, “While Women Are at College Earning an Advanced Degree, Men Are Back at Home Playing Video Games and Watching Porn.”


Leaving Millions of Men Asking Themselves, “Damn it! Why Didn’t I Disable My 
Laptop Camera?” 

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FFN MEME: Millions of Democrats Suffering from President Biden Voter Remorse Now...


Is the Left Looking for Another Exit Strategy?    

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FFN MEME: Cancel Culture Finally Catches Up to President Biden?


During Press Conference, White House Staff Cuts Live Mic, SAP Feed and Drags Sweet Old Sign Language Translator Lady Off Stage with Vaudevillian Hook -- Only Biden Heard Chuckling Behind Curtain.

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Gen. Milley Observes Constitution Day (9/17) by Taking a Walk on the Beach and Writing Something in the Sand


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Gen. Milley Intercepts Nuclear Football from President Trump for Red China Win-Win

Congressional artist illustration 
of General Milley Taking Possession of 
the Once Civilian Controlled Nuclear Football  

Washington, DC --

By Robert W. Armijo

What the America public and many Congressmen did not know and was revealed during the Congressional hearing on General Milley’s assuring his counterpart in China that President Trump was effectively no longer in control of our nation’s nuclear football,  was that the term “nuclear football” is not just another clever military euphemism.

“So you’re saying the nuclear football is a football,” asked a Congressman in disbelief of General Milley.

“Not exactly, it’s a suitcase that is actually made in the shape of a football,” said General Milley. “It was made like that, so it can get into the hands of the president as soon as possible. Even from across the other side of a crowed room or banquet hall.”

“How can you be so sure the president can catch it from such a distance?” asked the Congressman. 

“We’re not,” said General Milley. “That’s why the president is always flanked by at least two Secret Service agents that are also professionally trained wide receivers.”

“Oh,” replied the Congressman. “I guess that makes sense.”

General Milley went on to explain and justify his unconventional and possibly treasonous actions. 

In the final days of the Trump administration, General Milley noticed President Trump was carrying the nuclear football everywhere he went in the White House and all over the grounds, tossing it up in the air and catching, while in deep contemplation. 

One day, President Trump and his son, Barron was tossing the nuclear football to each other in the Oval office. 

General Milley sat on the couch between the two as his eyes nervously tracked the fate of the world, flying just feet above his head. That is when he knew he had to do something.

So the general reached up into the air and grabbed the nuclear football, running out of the Oval office headed straight to the White House situation room.

“Hey, that's my ball,” said Barron.

President Trump shouted to his Secret Service agents to tackle General Milley. 

But the general was too fast and with the nuclear football safely cradled in his right forearm and his left arm fully extended with palm and fingers spread out, he jumped over furniture and side rolled his way passed the all the president’s men right into the situation room, slamming the steel reinforced door behind him shut.  

“What happened next General?” another Congressman asked. 

“Once I had relocated the nuclear football in a secured place, away from the hands of our Commander In Chief, I made a long distance Zoom call to my trusted and BFF counterpart in China,” General Milley explained. 

“Then what?” asked the same Congressman. 

“I did what my counterpart suggested,” answered General Milley. 

“Which was?” asked a different Congressman. 

“I took out a letter opener and popped it,” replied General Milley. 

The entire congressional gallery let out a collective sigh of relief. 

“Where’s the deflated nuclear football right now?” asked another member of the Congressional committee. 

“Oh, that. Its right here,” said General Milley as he stood up and lifted up the flattened device of doom. “I’ve been sitting on it this whole time.”

The gallery let out a collective gasp. 

General Milley then tossed the nuclear football to the Congressional panel like a Frisbee. 

“Here you take it,” said General Milley. “I’m tried of playing the role of the duly elected leader of the free world.” 

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