Michael Jackson's Hologram Goes on Tour?

Silicon Valley, California --

The Michael Jackson hologram performance at the Billboard Music Awards was so successful, the three-dimensional image signed on to do a 50-city tour beginning this summer.

“It was so lifelike,” said a fan of the gloved one. “I forgot I was watching a hologram and thought I was watching the real Michael Jackson whoever that is.”

Allegedly, the concert promoter attempted to reunite the hologram with the ‘Jackson 5’ as well but the three-dimensional image refused to perform with any of its former family band members.

The hologram then insisted that its image not be altered in anyway. 

“Unless it was done by a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon,” said the concert promoter.

The hologram also demanded all earlier prototype versions of itself be deleted, starting with the Michael Jackson from the ‘Off the Wall’ album.

“Which is really unfortunate,” said the concert promoter. “Because that was some of his best work.”

In preparation for its upcoming tour, the Michael Jackson hologram was assigned its own personal computer scientist to help with any programming issues that might arise during its rigorous rehearsal schedule. 

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