L.A. (A.K.A. F-Bomb) Mayor Asked What’s the Second Rule a Politician Should Never Break…

Potty Mouth Mayor Apologizes
for the Sh*t Hitting the Kings' Fans
Los Angeles, California –

After leaving the stage of the live televised broadcast of the L.A. King’s Stanley Cup championship celebration holding a beer can and dropping the F-bomb, Los Angeles mayor, Eric Garcetti, was asked by reporters with tongue-in-cheek “What’s the second rule a politician should never break?”

“Listen, first of all, I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to all the parents that I might have offended by consuming an alcoholic beverage on TV,” said the mayor at a press conference the following day. 

“Obviously, the event was promoted as a family affair with children present in the audience and at home watching TV," continued the mayor. "Therefore, my actions were inappropriate. However, I d’ like to add in my defense, that I originally covered up the can of beer. But the mother [BLEEP] brown paper bag I had it in slipped off.”

A reporter then reminded the mayor that he never got to the second rule a politician should never break. 

“Oh that,” dismissively replied the mayor while pausing a moment to take a sip from a brown paper bag. “Getting caught in a motel room with a dead prostitute in your mother [BLEEP] bed, of course. And all you A-holes can quote me on that. GO KINGS!”

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