New “Caylee” Law Seeks Justice for Future Missing, Exploited and Murdered Children

Miami, Florida --

In light of the unpopular jury verdict that found accused child killer, Casey Anthony, not guilty of murder; or even guilty of the lesser charge of manslayer of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, a group of legislators have come together to introduce a bill designed to protect children in the future from suffering the same, or similar, fate at the hands of their unfit parents.

Unless the child has drowned accidentally in the family pool and the body disposed of in a manner consistent with a homicide. And then you went out and partied, got a tattoo saying, ‘Life is Beautiful’ and repeatedly lied regarding the whereabouts of your so-called ‘missing’ child for 31 days because you were so distrait to report the incident to authorities, you will face felony charges,” promised the Florida state legislator.

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