Duchess Kate Wears ‘Pretty Woman’ Dress to Polo Match

Santa Barbara, California –

Wearing the very same sleeveless brown dress with white polka dots and matching white gloves and hat from the movie Pretty Woman, Duchess Kate walked the Polo grounds as guests of the royal affair just looked on with whispers, nervous coughs and dropped jaws.

“Oh my lord!” one heavyset woman finally cried out, as she held up her eyeglasses attached to a diamond studded handle, giving the Duchess the once over.

“You called?” interrupted Duke William on horseback.

“No, no,” said the stuffy woman. “You misunderstand me, my dear Duke. It’s your wife, the Duchess. She’s wearing the same dress as that, that prostitute wore in the movie, Pretty Woman.”

“Are you suggesting my wife dresses like a woman of ill repute?” said an angry Duke.

“No. My dear Duke,” replied the elderly woman. “It’s much more worse than that. The Duchess is wearing a dress that Julia Roberts already wore.”

“Yes,” said the Duke. “I see your point. I’ll have her change immediately.”

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