Obama “BUSTour” Delivers New Campaign Slogan for 2012: Then: “Yes, We Can!” Now: “Yes, You Can”?

Washington, D.C –

While on his “Listing to America” bus tour through the Midwest, President Obama may have inadvertently come up with his 2012 campaign slogan all on his own. When, in a speech, he told Americans that only they, not him, could force the hand of Congress when it comes to creating jobs.

“I can’t force them to do it,” said Obama about creating jobs. “Only you can.”

Obama then went on to say to the audience, “So if you really think about it, the failures of my presidency are not really mine…They are yours.”

A hush came over the crowd.

After pausing a moment, checking the crowd’s reaction, Obama then proceeded to blame Americans for failing to fulfill his 2008 campaign promises as well.

“Why didn’t you do what I promised you, America?” said Obama, as people turned to look at each other somewhat embarrassed.

“What am I going to do with you?” added Obama as people hung their heads in shame. “Well?”

After pausing a few more moments, this time confidently staring down the crowd, as would an angry father his disobedient child, Obama spoke again.

“I’ll tell you what, America,” said Obama. “Not all hope for change is lost. And even though you failed me miserably, I still believe in you.”

Everybody not already on their feet stood up on them, cheering.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this,” said Obama, wiping his brow. “I guess I must be getting soft in my old age. Or maybe it’s that Nobel Peace Prize I won that finally got to me, but I’m going to give you one more chance, America.”

Obama then lead the throng in a chant -- His new political campaign slogan for 2012:

“YES, WE CAN!” Obama mistakenly yelled out at first. Then pausing a second to correct himself, he continued. “I mean, YES, YOU CAN! YES, YOU CAN! YES, YOU CAN!”

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