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CNN's Jim Acosta Played by George Clooney in New “George Clooney Defends the First Amendment Against President Trump” the Movie

George Clooney Saves Free Speech

By Robert W. Armijo

Movie star actor turned political activist, George Clooney, announced today that he will be writing, directing, executive producing and playing the lead role of CNN reporter, Jim Acosta, in a new movie he is making on defending free speech in American under the Trump Administration.

“Nothing," said George Clooney at a press conference.  "I repeat. Nothing is more important to me than defending free speech in America.” 

A reporter then questioned George Clooney about his seemingly feigning  interest in Darfur.

“Of course, that’s still important to me,” George Clooney replied, as he rolled back his eyes. "That's why I married Amal. She's got my back."

Another reporter then questioned George Clooney about his personal war on the paparazzi.

“Really?” replied a visibly upset George Clooney. “You guys are going to bring that [BLEEP] up? You guys are disgusting. Aren't you guys ever going to let that go? I thought you’d have more relevant questions for me. Like how uncanny it is that Jim and I look so much alike. In fact, that’s what gave me the idea for the movie.”

George Clooney then called Jim Acosta up to the podium.

“Come up here, Jim,” said George Clooney.

“But I have several questions to ask you, George," said a bewildered looking, Jim Acosta.

"Hey, what did I tell you?" rhetorically asked George Clooney of Jim Acosta.

"Yes, Mr. Clooney," answered, Jim Acosta. "But what about my questions?" 

“You can ask them later,” said George Clooney. 

George Clooney then ran down the aisle, grabbing Jim Acosta's arm, leading him back to the podium. 

However, Jim Acosta resisted for a moment, refusing to relinquish the microphone.

"Really, Jim?" said a frustrated, George Clooney. "You want to try this crap on me? I'm not the [BLEEPING] President of the United States, you know. I'm [BLEEPING] George [BLEEPING] Clooney."

“See?” said George Clooney as he posed cheek-to-cheek next to Jim Acosta back at the podium. “We look like twins.”

George Clooney then pulled his cell phone out from his pants and held it out in front of himself and Jim Acosta.

“I’m taking a selfie of this [BLEEP],” said George Clooney. “It's [BLEEPING] uncanny.”

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83 Million Watched the Haiti Telethon -- Half Just to See if Brangelina Would Show Up?

Hollywood, California --

Literally disappointing millions of Brangelina fans and fueling rumors of their breakup, only Brad Pitt made appearance on the George Clooney Telethon for the Haiti earthquake relief effort without the breathtaking Angelina Jolie at his side.

“Every other caller was asking me, ‘Where’s Angelina Jolie? Did she really leave Brad?” said Nancy Tucker, 21, a Disney employee volunteering as a telethon phone operator taking donation pledges. “Then when I told them, ‘How would I know?’ and ask them for a donation, they’d hang up on me.”

Tucker quickly realized she was getting nowhere fast and that she was sitting on a goldmine.

“Donations were way down,” said Tucker. “So I did what I had to for the people of Haiti.”

Without authorization from her boss, Tucker set out on her own to rescue the people of Haiti with a little embellishment.

“So I started telling the callers what they wanted to hear,” said Tucker. “I told them, ‘Angelina is backstage right now. Yeah. And she’s refusing to walk on the telethon with Brad until he promises her that he will stop seeing Jennifer Aniston. Yeah. Oh my God. You’re never going to believe who just walked in…’ Then I’d stop right there, leaving the caller hanging on the phone so I could ask them for a donation, ‘…Quick, you better make a donation. I think my boss is getting suspicious’.”

Tucker says she does not feel guilty about what she did, but that she is proud instead.

“I don’t like calling what I did lying,” said Tucker, who was awarded first place in fund-raising. “I prefer to call it ‘Imagineering’. That’s spelled: I.M.A.G.I.N.E.E.R.I.N.G.”

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