Zuccotti Park’s Homeless Evicted by ‘Occupy Wall Street’

New York, New York –

A group of homeless people from Zuccotti Park (ground zero of the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement) showed up at a New York City police precinct today, demanding justice.

“They said they wanted us to arrest the protestors in Zuccotti Park for illegally evicting them from their home,” said police.

“I miss my bench!” read one of the signs held up by the homeless.

“Who’s feeding the pigeons?” read another.

“Who’s watering the gardenias?” read still another.

Turned away by police, the homeless decided to take matters into their own hands, holding a general assembly of their own. After a few minutes, they came to a consensus.

Standing on the sidewalk opposite Zuccotti Park, the homeless marched in a demonstration of their very own. Holding up signs which read: “Occupy, Occupy Wall Street Now!”

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