Death Rate Among Caracas Traffic Mimes Climbs

Caracas, Venezuela –

Hired to improve automobile operating behavior in what is considered the city with worst driving record in the world, mimes deployed throughout the streets of Caracas, Venezuela have proven effective beyond anyone’s expectations. However, the program has many asking at what cost, as traffic accidents (many fatal) involving mimes rises.

In a touching tribute to their fallen comrades and in an attempt to bring attention to their plight, the Union of Caracas Traffic Mines (UCTM) started reenacting some of the fatal traffic accidents of their members.

As a group of mimes gather on a busy street corner, cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles alike all slow down to watch the silent drama preformed in pantomime.

“With four mimes pretending to be driving in one car,” said Mr. Martinez describing the pantomime, acting as an interpreter. “A fifth mime pretends to be driving along side in another car.”

While a sixth mime, standing on the street corner pantomiming, portrays the fallen UCTM brother.

Suddenly, the two mime cars begin driving erratically, distracted by the doomed sixth mime pantomiming on the corner.

“They collide with each other,” says Mr. Martinez. “And tragically, with our comrade as well.”

Driven to tears, the traffic comes to a dead stop.

“People roll down their windows to cheer, flash their headlights and honk their horns in support,” says Mr. Martinez.

The heart tugging performance ends with the fallen mime fully engaged in his profession right up to the last moments of his life at the time of his death.

“He must have seen the cars coming right at him,” explains Mr. Martinez.

Evidently, the fallen mime was trying to get out of the way of the oncoming traffic, the only way he knew how: by pretending to climb a ladder.

“Jacob’s Ladder,” said Mr. Martinez. “A very difficult maneuver to execute, but professionally fulfilling.”

Mr. Martinez hopes the requiem mark pantomime street performance of his fallen comrade, and others like him, will remind people to pay close attention to what they are doing when they are behind the wheel.

“KEEP…,” pantomimes Mr. Martinez, using his entire body. “YOUR EYES...ON THE ROAD!”

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