Casey Anthony Murder Trial Juror Believes Caylee is Still Alive!

Miami, Florida --

“It’s not a murder if the prosecutor can’t establish how and why the alleged victim was supposedly killed,” said an unidentified juror in the Casey Anthony murder trial, who asked to be called “Gracie”. “After all, I never saw the body. Just a bunch of crime scene photos of bleached bones, mangled bloodstained matted hair, duct tape and so-called DNA.”

Furthermore, the unidentified juror did not buy the defense attorney’s drowning theory either and believes instead that little Caylee Anthony is still alive.

“Caylee didn’t drown in the family swimming pool,” said Gracie. “That’s ridiculous. She’s probably still out there, playing hide and seek in the woods.”

The unidentified juror went on to say that any day now Caylee will come home to her mother, Casey.

“And we’ll all feel pretty stupid then,” said Gracie. “Imagine all the trouble we put that poor young woman through. In fact, I’m going straight home and bake a cake for her and beg for her forgiveness. We all should. We owe at least that much to her.”

The unidentified juror says that then she is taking the cake over to Casey Anthony’s house.

“That way when Casey is released from jail, she can finally have her cake and eat it too,” said Gracie.

The unidentified juror expressed a hope for being there for little Caylee’s homecoming. To witness firsthand for herself, justice finally served.

“I wouldn’t blame Casey one bit if she beat little Caylee within an inch of her life for staying out so late,” said Gracie. “And for so long, too.”

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