Will and Kate Release 3-Day L.A. Whirlwind Tour on Commemorative Saucer (Not Plate)

Los Angeles, California --

Not since The Lakers had to cover the expense for their own parade out-of-pocket when they last won the NBA championship a couple of years back has a communal celebrated event swept so fast through the streets of Los Angeles, as this weekend’s visit from the royal couple: Will and Kate.

As if set to the music from the end credits of ‘The Benny Hill Show’ all sped up, Will and Kate (much like the abbreviated versions of their names) toured L.A. (much like our beloved city’s call letters) on the illegal drug, “Speed”.

“Sorry,” apologized a spokesman for the royal couple. “There just wasn’t enough time spent in L.A. to commit to the casting of a commemorative plate. So a commemorative saucer will have to be commissioned instead and will have to do. Enjoy.”

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