Dr. Phil Psychoanalyzes Bernie Sanders’ Appeal to the Nation’s Young, Using Carl Jung’s Archetype Old Man Theory

"Soon, the old man will be
long gone. I mean like, forever."
By Robert W. Armijo

“Look,” said a confident Dr. Phil to an unusually young TV studio audience. 

“I know I’m breaking with social conventions here by lending my celebrity to endorse a political candidate for public office, especially during an election year,” said Dr. Phil. 

“But hear me out first,” continued Dr. Phil. 

“Because, Bernie and Hillary are the winning ticket for the presidency come November 2016!” he said.   

Cheers arose from Dr. Phil’s youthful studio audience. 

“Settle down,” quickly added a somewhat irate Dr. Phil. “I support a Bernie and Hillary ticket rather than a Hillary and Bernie ticket, but not for the reason y’all are thinking. Now hear me out of this one first. Before you pass judgement, okay?”

The studio audience complied and silently focused their attention on Dr. Phil. 

Dr. Phil then went on to explain in complex professional conclave terms Carl Jung’s psychological concept of the archetype old man, which has constantly reappeared throughout mankind’s history regardless of time, distance, culture or religion during his entire occupation of the planet earth. 

“The way I see it,” continued Dr. Phil. “Even if he is elected president, Sanders has only got what? One or two years tops? To live, I mean. Before he dies in office."

“So why not vote for a Bernie and Hillary ticket in the fall? “ said Dr. Phil. “Hillary will be in charge in a year or two. May be even in a matter of months, if we're lucky. At least according to my calculations and most life insurance actuary tables.”

Boos, hisses and fight fights broke out among members of the youthful studio audience.    

“Think about it, folks,” Dr. Phil shouted above the fray, melee and mayhem. “We got nothing to lose. The old man will soon be long gone and out of our lives. I mean like, forever!”

Copyright © 2016 by Robert W. Armijo. All rights reserved.

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