JetBlue To Scantly Clad Female Passengers: True We’re JetBlue, Just Not That Blue

"Welcome aboard JetBlue, Shwing!"
By Robert W. Armijo

“Just because JetBlue has the word blue in it doesn’t mean we’re blue,” said a spokesman for JetBlue. 

The comment came as a result of JetBlue having denied access to the plane last week for an attractive female client failing to meet with the airlines unofficial passenger dress code.

The young woman was wearing zebra stripped shorty short shorts and long leggings at the time she was turned away at the boarding gate by JetBlue personnel. 

A stewardess told her she would be allowed to resume her flight once she changed her clothes. 

So she hopped into a nearby bathroom and did just that. However, not before she took pictures of what she was wearing and posted them on the internet, which went viral.

Although a self-admitted burlesque dancer by profession, the young lady said she only dresses provocatively publicly when she goes to the airport.

“It saves time going through the TSA security checkpoints,” said the young woman. “They’re so busy looking at my body that they don’t even bother checking my bags. Well, at least not those bags anyway. I mean, I could be carrying a bomb on my carry-on and they’d never notice.”

“What’s she talking about? She is the bomb,” said a fellow male passenger, who witnessed the entire incident. Even exchanging his first-class ticket to coach, so he could sit next to the girl during the flight. 

“There was absolutely nothing wrong with what that girl was wearing,” the man continued. “She was my angel. My little blue angel. JetBlue is crazy for making her change.”

The young woman says she will continue to wear scantly clad clothing every time she goes to the airport, but says she will always be sure to carry more conservative clothing to change into, should the need arise. 

“I’ll tell you JetBlue was not the thing that was blue during that flight,” added the man. “My [BLEEP]s were blue too. In fact, they were so blue, I thought they were going to fall off somewhere over the continual United States. You know, like blue ice off a jet plane out of the clear blue sky.”

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