Donald Trump in Negotiations with Beijing to Buy the Great Wall of China -- Relocating It to US/Mexico Int’l Border?

Is Donald Trump Really Talking with the Chinese
to Buy the Great Wall?
-- Beijing, China

By Robert W. Armijo

When asked by reporters if there was any truth to the rumor that he was involved in secret negotiations with the Chinese government to buy a section of the Great Wall of China for the purpose of deploying it along the US/Mexico Int’l boarder, the Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, replied:

“I can neither confirm or deny that I’m engaged in talks with the Chicoms [Chinese Communist],” said Donald Trump.

Donald Trump then quickly added:

"So, we got deal then?"
“But I’ll tell you what,” said Donald Trump the former host of The Apprentice TV show. “It [The Great Wall of China] helped keep the Mongols out of China. It can help keep the Mexicans out of the USA too.”

“And another thing,” continued the real estate mogul, Donald Trump. “If I were in negations with the Chicoms it wouldn’t be to buy a section of the Great Wall of China and place it on the Mexican border."

Donald Trump then paused a moment to brush his hair over his forehead with his hand before continuing to speak.

"I’d be in negations with the Chicoms to buy the whole entire wall," said the current Republican front-runner, Donald Trump. "And I’d place it all around the continental United States. Sorry Alaska. Sorry Hawaii. You’re on your own.”

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