‘Hunger Games’ Boosts Cinema Concession Stand Sales

Hollywood, California –

Cinemas across the country are reporting record-breaking concession stand sales at theaters featuring the ‘Hunger Games’. The phenomenon was first noticed when sales for extra large size of popcorn took off before the flick was turned on.

“People usually buy a regular sized popcorn, which really in a small. And a best value sized soda, which really is a medium,” said Jeff, a concession stand worker “But ever since we started playing ‘Hunger Games’, we’ve been selling only the jumbo sized popcorn, which really is a medium. And a Bottomless Well sized soda, which really is just a large.”

It is believed that ‘Hunger Games’ moviegoers are being adversely impacted by food insecurity, a topic dealt with in the film.

“I guess watching Katniss fight for food so her district wouldn’t starve death made me appreciate free popcorn refills like never before,” said Jane, 16, a ‘Hunger Games’ fan. “I mean all have to do his fight my way through the concession stand line to get what I want and usually no body has to die. Usually.”

Ushers assigned to cleanup detail have noticed a change in consumer’s consumption as well.

“Surprisingly there’s less to pick up after the movie’s ended,” said John an usher.

Theater security cameras have recorded people seemingly picking up after themselves.

“They’re not so much picking up after themselves,” said a theater manager. “As they’re hoarding their leftovers.”

One manager, having tired of repeatedly turning down requests for Doggie Bags, has now placed a stack of them beside a condiment table.

“I have to replenish them several times throughout the day,” said the manager. “Twice during the matinee showing alone.”

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