‘Safe Sex for Seniors’ PSA Spot Hits the G-Spot, Not!

Miami, Florida –

With thousands of Baby Boomers retiring everyday and with the introduction of Viagra into the bedroom, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are not the only thing on the rise (no pun intoned). No wonder health officials have decided to educate the elderly, the fastest growing segment of the population, on the practice of safe sex via a new public service announcement (PSA) targeting just them.

However, the ‘Safe Sex for Seniors’ PSA spots are not without controversy.

“Although fully clothed, an elderly couple is nevertheless depicted in various sexual positions, but it is for the expressed purpose of promoting safe sex,” said spokesman elderly rights group in defense of the PSA spots.

Young people have found the PSA spots objectionable, disgusted by the mere thought that their parents or grandparents were ever capable of having sex -- Much less still capable of having sex.

You be the judge. Are the following PSA spots yet to be aired less controversial (or any more palatable)?

The Condom PSA Spot

An elderly couple is portrayed carrying out their regular grandparent duties such as grandma baking an apple pie. However, as she slips on an oven mitt and bends over to pull out a freshly baked apple pie out of the oven, grandpa sneaks up from behind and plants a firm slap on grandma’s butt. They giggle, embrace and kiss.

As the elderly couple retires to their bedroom to engage in a sex act with each other, the camera focuses on the oven mitt on the bedroom floor with an accompanying voiceover: “Be sure you slip it on, before you slip it in.”

The Dental Dam PSA Spot

Grandpa removes his dentures, placing them in a glass by the bathroom sink. Then he opens up the medicine cabinet, two pills are dropped into the glass. They begin to dissolve immediately.

As the medicine cabinet is closed, grandpa is seen in the mirror’s reflection adjusting a dental dam over his lips.

The Latex Glove PSA Spot

Grandma, facing a pile of unwashed dishes sighs as she reaches for a pair of yellow dishwashing gloves.

As grandpa enters the kitchen he whispers something into her ear. Suddenly grandma smiles and she follows him into the bedroom.

Grandma pause a moment before entering the bedroom. And as she holds up each yellow glove above her head, she gives them each a form fitting snap.

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