Homeless Striper Gets Kicked Out of Gentlemen’s Club

Hollywood, Florida –

A homeless woman was kicked out of a stripteases club when she took to the stage and began removing her tattered and urine stained clothing. “All the while she held up a cardboard sign that read, ‘Will Strip for Food,” said a patron.

At first no one suspected the woman was homeless, thinking that her ragged clothing and shopping cart was part of her act.

“I thought, ‘This is new,” said Paul Anderson. “A little sick, but I could get use to it.”

However, when the homeless woman stripped down to her underwear, exposing a g-string made out of rope, customers began to get suspicious.

“I never seen a g-string made out of rope before,” said Jamie Martinez. “I hate to admit it. But it was a little hot.”

The club manager eventually intervened, pulling the homeless woman off the stage along with her rope g-string full of dollar bills. But only after she attempted a sex act that is prohibited in all 50 states.

“How much to watch me make this bottle of beer disappear?” asked the homeless woman, just before she was escorted off stage and out of the club. “Wait, wait! What are you doing? I didn’t get a chance to pole dance yet.”

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