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Justin Bieber Gives Fake Last Name in 911 Call to Police in High-Speed Paparazzi Freeway Chase

Hollywood, California –

The 911 call made by Justin Bieber, involving him and the paparazzi, while engaged in an illegal a high-speed chase southbound on the 101 freeway was finally released today, under pressure from the media.

The following is a transcript of that emergency audio recording.

A word of caution, however. Some may find the language here highly objectionable, or at the very least very, very juvenile.

Transcript Starts

911: Please state the nature of your emergency.

JB: Ah, yeah [Pause]...I’m driving on the 101 freeway really, really fast right now. And, um, I’m being followed by a bunch of strange men in cars.

911: Are they armed?

JB: Ah, yeah. They got telescopes and everything.

911: You mean rifle-sighting scopes?

JB: No, no. Telescope lenses. Like on the end of a camera.

911: Do you know who they are?

JB: Yeah, um, I think they’re paparazzi.

911: [Irritated] What’s your name, sir?

JB: Justin.

911: Do you have a last name, Justin?

JB: Yeah [Pause]…

911: [Repeating] Justin, your last name?

JB: [Hesitating]. Young…It’s, Young.

911: [Repeating] Mr. Young?

JB: Yeah, ah, I mean, Young-Dong.

911: [Disbelieving] Mr. Young-Dong? Really?

JB: Yes. It’s a hyphenated last name. You see my mother’s last name was, Young. And my father’s was, Dong. So naturally my last name is, Young-Dong.

911: [Silence]

JB: Hello? Is anybody there?

911: Listen, Justin, if that’s really your first name. I don’t know who you think you are, but making a prank call or providing false information to a 911 operator is a misdemeanor. And is punishable by a substantial fine and/or prison. Now, would you care to give me your real last name?

JB: Okay, okay [Pause]…It’s, Ness.

911: Mr. Ness?

JB: Yes.

911: That’s better. Now is there a middle initial, Mr. Ness?

JB: Yes, P.

911: P?

JB: Yes.

911: Okay now we’re getting somewhere. Now tell me, how can I be of assistance to you today, Mr. P. Ness?

Transcript Ends
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