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Tracy Morgan: I Should’ve Stuck with My Tsunami Jokes

New York, New York --

Tracy Morgan, star of ’30 Rock’ and former SNL alumni, has recently come under fire from what Gay Rights groups and the mainstream media alike for what is being described as an Anti-Gay rant, during his comedy act in Nashville. But Morgan's friends are standing by him, claming that he expressed regret. Way before his controversial routine hit the fan and subsequently the Internet.

"I heard him say beneath his breath right after he got off stage," said a close friend of Morgan. "He said, ‘I should’ve stuck with my Japanese Tsunami jokes.' Just as if he sensed for himself that his gay jokes did not come off as well has he expected."

Backstage, Tracy Morgan then reportedly yelled out loud enough for audience members in the front row to hear, "Get goddamn Gottfried back on the f***ing phone! Now!"

Unlike fellow comedian, Gilbert Gottfried, who was fired from his voiceover gig as a spokesman duck for an insurance company (that is heavily vested in Japan) for making tasteless jokes about the Japanese Tsunami, Tracy Morgan felt enough time passed that he could safely perform a like-minded comedy stand-up set.

"One that involved insulting, insensitive and tasteless jokes on the same subject, only without getting him into trouble," said Morgan's friend.

However, Tracy Morgan was persuaded not to do that set of prepared jokes, but instead do another.

"Just minutes before Tracy was to go on stage he got a phone call from Gilbert Gottfried, cautioning him to say away from any Japanese Tsunami jokes," explained Morgan's friend.

"Don’t do any Japanese Tsunami jokes," Gilbert Gottfried advised Tracy on the cell phone. "The audience is just not ready for it yet. Trust me. I know. Stick to some tried and true material."

"Like what?" asked Tracy Morgan.

"I don’t know…" said Gilbert Gottfried. "Wait a minute! I got it! Do gay jokes!"

"All gay jokes?" Tracy Morgan questioned.

"Well, not all gay jokes," said Gilbert Gottfried. "Throw in a few N-words and say something violent against women or children involving knives or guns. Anything but tsunamis. Stay away from the tsunamis."

"You think that will work?" asked Morgan.

"For me, as a Jewish comedian, no," replied Gilbert Gottfried. "But you, as a member of a suppressed minority group…I mean a big tough Black guy, sadly, yes. It’s a bit formulaic, but the stuff works."

"Thanks, Gilbert," Tracy Morgan said.

"Think nothing of it," said Gilbert Gottfried before hanging up. "That’s what friends are for. Now remember tragedy plus time equals comedy. Sure, it's all about knowing you're audience, too. But above all, tragedy is what happens to you and comedy is what happens to the other guy. That's what I've had to learn the hard way."

"Or how about taking your new material out for private test drive around the block with a group of your most trusted and diverse friends as possible to help you exercise sound judgment before going public?" asked Tracy Morgan.

"What? No way," said Gilbert Gottfried. "Who has time for that? I sure don't. Besides this comedy, not brain surgery."

"I guess you're right," said Tracy Morgan.

"Of course I am," said Gilbert Gottfried. "I just hope no one in the audience is recording your act and later posts it up on the Internet. Or else, you'll end up like me for sure, screwed!"

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