SNL Sues Congressman Adam Schiff for Plagiarizing Gangster Parody Skit of President Trump’s Ukrainian Alleged Quid Pro Quo Transcript

"Listen to me, see? This is how this Republic 
we so pretentiously call a Democracy is going down, see?"  

-- Washington, D.C.

By Robert W. Armijo

Congressman Adam Schiff was served a court summons today while in a congressional bathroom rehearsing for his next performance on the select committee on intelligence in the upcoming congressional hearings in the Impeachment Inquiry of President Trump on Capitol Hill. 

SNL took the unprecedented action of suing the figurehead of state for plagiary shortly after the congressman read aloud the parts of President Trump’s portions of the Ukrainian transcript using a 1930s Hollywood gangster movie “Bugsy” style voice.

“The decision to take legal action against the congressman was not an easy one,” said an attorney for SNL. “However, we can’t afford to have anyone, including a congressman, stealing our material. Political banter peddled to the unsuspecting American public as insightful political satire is all we got going for us right now. It’s our bread and butter. Alec Baldwin can’t keep saving the show. He broke out in a severe rash. He’s allergic to the orange wig and the last time it took him almost a week to breakout of character. He called up the White House late one night after the show and demanded that the Secret Service send him Air force One to pick him at Laguardia, so he could buy a  [BLEEP] can of diet Coke.” 

The attorney went on to say that the cast of SNL had been practicing gangster parody skit all week long and were even planning to open the show with the bit when right before their eyes on CNN Congressman Adam Schiff did their skit before the whole nation.

“It’s a tragedy,” the lawyer for SNL added. “Our guy did a better Edward G. Robinson gangster impersonation than the congressman too.”

“He [Schiff] was just standing there in front of the bathroom mirror practicing his gangster voice as usual,” said an eyewitness. “When a process server walked up to him and said, ‘Excuse me, sir. Are you Congressman Adam Schiff?’”  

The congressman reportedly turned to the process server, mistaking him for a fan. 

“What’s this piece of paper?” asked Schiff. “Oh, I get it. You want my autograph. Sure. Why not? I’ll sign it. Who do I make it out to?”

“I’m not a fan, sir,” replied the process server. “I’m a process server and you just got served.”

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