Russian Diplomat Child Forced to Open Xmas Present at SFO Int’l Airport

Fancy Bears Strike, Again!?

By Robert W. Armijo

“Quick, Natasha,” said Boris as he held the gloved hand of his youngest daughter, while standing in line at SFO Int’l waiting to clear the TSA. “Open your Xmas present before we board the plane back home to Mother Russia.”

“But why, Papa?” the mentally confused and emotionally shaken child asks.

“Because, Natasha,” replied the expelled diplomat. “Obama plays checkers, while Putin plays chess.”

As whistles and cheers rung in the New Year throughout the airport terminal, the child tearfully opens her present to find a chess game inside.

"Do you understand, Natasha?” sternly asks the father.

“Yes, Papa,” the child replies, while clutching the present to her chest.

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