Low Turnout at Bernie Sanders (BS) Rallies for Hillary Clinton Causes PBS to Change Title of BS Documentary

"Pay no attention to the man 
or the woman behind the curtain!"

Robert W. Armijo

After a poor turnout of supporters at a couple of Bernie Sanders rallies for Hillary Clinton in Ohio this past weekend (300 at one venue, 150 at another and the unexplained cancellation of a third), PBS announced it would be changing the title of the documentary it plans to air on election night on the phenomenal rise and fall of the popularity of the Bernie Sanders movement among millennials.

“In light of Bernie Sanders conceding to the establishment by throwing in the towel, becoming a carnival barker for Hillary and the recent failing attendance by millennials at his pro Clinton rallies, the original title of ‘Bernie Sanders Electrifies the Electric: The Political Force of Millennials Awakens’ somehow now seems contrived,” said a spokesperson for PBS. “So were changing it to something more realistic like ‘My Weekend at Bernie Sanders’, which we feel is more reflective of the situation. After all, it is a documentary on American politics and not some grand Hollywood production.”

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