Bored Housewife Scales 33-Story Skyscraper, Using Vacuum Cleaner

"Hey, these windows are way easier
 to clean than mine back home."

By Robert W. Armijo

“I was doing housework,” explained Jane Alva, housewife and mother of two small children. “Vacuuming the living room, putting off washing the windows for last.”

Alva lives in a two-story house and doing the windows is often a very difficult task to complete.

“I have to pull the ladder out from the garage,” said Alva. “Then climb up and down for every window on all four sides of the house.”

That is when Alva got the idea to get dual use out of her vacuum cleaner. 

“I was always reading how everyday items around the house can be used to substitute cleaning chemicals,” said Alva. “So, I thought, ‘Why not convert my vacuum cleaner into super suction cups and use it to climb up and down the sides of the house?” 

All Alva has to do now is strap on the vacuum cleaner to her back, slip on her super suction cups (converted toilet plungers) and ascend the interior and exterior walls of her house to clean.   

Since deploying her invention, Alva has not only attracted the attention of her neighbors, but also the head of the manufacturer of the vacuum cleaner she converted into an unconventional climbing and cleaning equipment.  

The CEO asked Alva if she would be willing to scale a 33-story skyscraper for an advertisement campaign promoting the fidelity of their product.  

“Okay," replied Alva. "But only if I can use my own hair I wove into a rope as a safety tether."

“Agreed!” said the CEO.

Alva has since been contacted by the company that makes her conditioner, asking her if she would be interested in doing a commercial for their product as well.

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