Fallen Gorilla Inspires Cincinnati Children's Daycare Center to Change Name: 'The Harambe Daycare Center for Children'

"Welcome to 'The Harambe Daycare Center for Children'.
Don't bother walking your kids in, we'll just go out to
your car and drag them in by their feet. 

By Robert W. Armijo

A Cincinnati children’s daycare center has chosen to honor the memory of Harambe the 17-year-old, 400-pound silverback gorilla that was shot and killed by Cincinnati zoo keepers last week after a 3-year-old boy fell into his enclosure. 

The incident triggered a firestorm on social media, which took exception to the zoo officials’ actions.

“Come Monday morning we will officially be known as ‘The Harambe Daycare Center for Children,” said the center’s director. “But that not all.”

The director then clapped her hands and out came her staff all dressed in gorilla suits, each carrying small dolls. 

“You see,” said the director. "Here at 'The Harambe Daycare Center for Children', we intend not only to honor Harambe with words, but with action, too.”

By dressing up in gorilla suits, the director and her staff hope to teach children at a young age not only to tolerate 400-pound lowland silverback gorillas, but trust them implicitly as well. 

“Perhaps,” said the director with a slight tremor in her voice. “If zoo keepers at the Cincinnati zoo would have had such training at their daycare center when they were children, they would not have shot and killed Harambe.” 

As the director spoke passionately, members of her, staff still in their gorilla suits, began jumping up and down on the furniture and dragging around their small dolls on the ground.

“Here,” said the director, as she bent down to pick up one of the small dolls from the ground, handing it over to woman in a gorilla suit. “You dropped this.”

“Thanks,” said the woman in the gorilla suit.

“You’re welcome,” replied the director as she wiped away a tear.

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