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L.A. (A.K.A. F-Bomb) Mayor Asked What’s the Second Rule a Politician Should Never Break…

Potty Mouth Mayor Apologizes
for the Sh*t Hitting the Kings' Fans
Los Angeles, California –

After leaving the stage of the live televised broadcast of the L.A. King’s Stanley Cup championship celebration holding a beer can and dropping the F-bomb, Los Angeles mayor, Eric Garcetti, was asked by reporters with tongue-in-cheek “What’s the second rule a politician should never break?”

“Listen, first of all, I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to all the parents that I might have offended by consuming an alcoholic beverage on TV,” said the mayor at a press conference the following day. 

“Obviously, the event was promoted as a family affair with children present in the audience and at home watching TV," continued the mayor. "Therefore, my actions were inappropriate. However, I d’ like to add in my defense, that I originally covered up the can of beer. But the mother [BLEEP] brown paper bag I had it in slipped off.”

A reporter then reminded the mayor that he never got to the second rule a politician should never break. 

“Oh that,” dismissively replied the mayor while pausing a moment to take a sip from a brown paper bag. “Getting caught in a motel room with a dead prostitute in your mother [BLEEP] bed, of course. And all you A-holes can quote me on that. GO KINGS!”

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L.A. Kings Stanley Cup Winners Joke

Congratulations to the L.A. Kings not only for winning the Stanley Cup, but also for respecting their fans by keeping their victory parade under 55 miles an hour (unlike the L.A. Lakers). And Keeping the violence on the ice and out of the stands (unlike the L.A. Dodgers).

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