Atheists Sue City of Santa Monica; Demand Secular Name Change

Marry Christmas? Okay, How About Season’s Greetings?
Santa Monica, California –

Fresh from their battle to destroy Christmas by causing the city council of Santa Monica to cancel the annual nativity scene at a local park, the same group of atheists have now set their targeting sights on changing the city’s religious name.

“To tell you the truth,” said a Santa Monica atheist. “I always felt like a hypocrite for protesting against Christmas displays in a city named after a Catholic deity.”

During a special meeting, atheists rejected the city council’s spineless compromise of renaming the city ‘The People’s Republic of Santa Monica’, calling it a contradiction in terms.

“It’s an oxymoron,” said an atheist. “Besides, it implies all atheists are Communists. How about ‘Little Leningrad’?”

“How about changing it to ‘Whoville’?” said a God fearing resident of Santa Monica. “After all, we already have the Grinch living among us.” 

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