Buy a Wooden iPad for Only $180.00?!

Charleston, South Carolina –

Apparently demand for Apple’s iPad has exceeded its supply. To the point of exhausting the traditional material that the very popular electronic device is made of as well. So to close the gap, Apple has resorted to making their popular iPad out of wood.

“We realize it’s a bit unconventional,” said a spokesman for Apple. ”But over the years that’s exactly what our customers have come to expect from us.”

The good news is that Apple has temporally reduced the price of the iPad to $180.00 (one hundred and eighty dollars).

“But that’s only for the wooden model,” said Apple.

The wooden iPad comes with a number of built in whistles and bells that does not come with the tradition ones made of metal and plastic.

“One of which is a survival App,” said Apple.

It allows the wooden iPad to double as a flotation device.

A woman in South Carolina was among the first to unwittingly purchase a wooden iPad, believing it was a scam.

“I thought they ripped me off,” said Maria Gomez, 22, who was surprised to find what she, mistook as a block of wood from a FedEx package containing her Apple purchase. “Just watch out for the splinters.”

Once Gomez realized that she was in fact the new owner of an iPad, she was elated.

“Not only do I use it to balance my check book,” said Gomez. “But the kitchen table too.”

Gomez purchased her new wooden iPad from Apple’s new distribution outlet: out of the trunk of a 1977 Chevy Impala.

“Apple is always innovating,” said the company spokesman.

“I didn’t get the license plate,” said Gomez. “But I think it was British Racing Green.”

“So if you're interested,” said Apple. “Keep an eye out for us. We maybe coming to an empty parking lot near you.”

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