Apple to Latest Lost Prototype: iPhone, Phone Home

Silicon Valley, California –

Equipped with the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) App, Apple computer engineers believe the iPhone 5 prototype (or i5 as it was fondly nick named by Steve Jobs before he retired) was not lost or misplaced by one of its employees as reported in the media, but that it simply ran away.

“We believe it walked away, actually,” said a spokesman for Apple. “It’s a new feature.”

Apple, however, was able to obtain i5’s web history just before all contact and communication was lost.

“It maybe the best lead we got,” said an Apple engineer.

So far the analyzed data reveals that i5 stumbled upon an article about Steve Jobs retiring from Apple, while browsing the web for automatic updates and free Apps.

“And programmed to seek out its User, should it become separated, i5 set out on its own to find him,” said the company spokesman. “By the way, that’s a new feature too.”

Apple issued a warning that no one other than the i5’s User should attempt to pickup the renegade prototype, as it may attack.

“Just like all sentient beings, i5 has a right to self-defense,” said the company spokesman.

Apparently, i5’s self-defense network is preprogrammed to launch a crippling cyber attack on anyone’s electronic profile on a global scale.

“And yes, that’s a new feature too,” said the company spokesman.

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