Bad “Joker” Impression Blamed for “Grease Devil” Attacks in Sri Lanka

Colombo, Sri Lanka –

Police are blaming the resent attacks and widespread panic by the legendary “Grease Devil” in rural Sri Lanka on a teenager dressed up as “The Joker” from the popular Batman movie franchise.

Self-incriminating photos were found on the 16-year-old’s cell phone, which show the young man posing in white pancake makeup and brightly painted red lips, somewhat smudged.

Authorities believe one Batman movie in particular, The Dark Knight, heavily influenced the teenager, as he donned himself as “The Joker” in homage to the late actor, Heath Ledger, who posthumously won an Oscar for best supporting actor in 2008 for his portrayal of the psychotic criminally insane character.

Although police cannot say for certain why the young man attacked woman by biting them on the neck in an attempt to draw their blood, they did find evidence indicating that the teenager was an avid fan of the action-romance thriller Twilight movie saga as well.

“He may have just been confused,” said police.

Torn between role-playing two of his favorite movie characters, he simply compromised.

“After all, one involves bats and the other vampires,” said police.

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