Is Levi Johnston’s ‘Hockey Stick’ in Playgirl Photoshopped?

New York, New York --

Rumors abound emanating from behind the scenes of the Playgirl photoshoot of Levi Johnston that say his nude pix were Photoshoped to enhance his manhood. "He didn't really didn't pose with a hockey stick," alleges the photographer's assistant that took the nude photos of Levi Johnston. "It was a toothpick."

Evidently, it was Johnston’s idea to pose nude with his hockey stick. Believing it would suggest in the eye of the beholder both girth and length of his male member. Only it obstructed too much of his body.

As the photographer and Johnston went through the proofs, a mutual decision had to be made.

“Johnston was embarrassed when I suggested we use a toothpick instead,” said the photographer’s assistant. “But it was just the right size.”

Johnston even walked off the set he was so upset. However, the Playgirl photographer was able to bring him back by reaching a compromise with him.

“We Photoshopped the toothpick to look like his hockey stick,” said the photographer’s assistant.

It took two photoshoot sessions to complete, but in the end the photographer and his assistant were finally able to get the desired effects, using their software to manipulate hardware to slowly morph a toothpick into a hockey stick.

“Wow!” said Johnston expressing his satisfaction with the finished product. “I thought only my girlfriend could do that -- she’s going to a trade school to become a graphic artist.”

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