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LGBTQ Expands Once More to Include Extraterrestrials on Community Center Awareness Day

"Welcome LGMs!" 
Los Angles, California --

By Robert W. Armijo 

In a press release the LGBTQ community explained that the universe is too big of a place to assume human beings are its sole inhabitants, so in keeping with their tradition of inclusiveness they announced today – LGBTQ Community Center Awareness Day -- that their organization will be reaching out to extraterrestrials or little green men (LGM) by merging initials with them.

“From this day forward, the LGBTQ community will now be known as the LGMLGBTQ community,” said a spokesman for the sexual identity progressive organization.

No changes to the Gray Pride rainbow flag will be necessary, according to one LGMLGBTQ official.

“LGMs are already represented on our rainbow flag,” they said. “The color green is the third stripe up from the bottom. Or the fourth one down from the top, if you prefer.”

Photo(s) courtesy of NASA/

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