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Occupy Time Square [Countdown] Ball?

New York, New York --

Acting on Internet chatter allegedly picked up from a group of protestors described as a splinter cell, which supposedly broke off from the Occupy Wall Street movement earlier last month, the NYPD announced today that they have uncovered secret plans to disrupt this year’s New Year’s Eve Time Square celebration, using an Occupy-Style protest.

“The Occupy Wall Street splinter cell is calling their planned protest: ‘Operation Occupy New Year's Eve Time Square Countdown Ball’,” said police.

However, the NYPD has another name for the unlawful act of civil disobedience, naming after the splitter cell.

“They call themselves, ‘The Possums,’” said police. “So we’re calling the planned protest: 'Operation Possum Drop.”

According to the NYPD, “The Possums” formed shortly after the police raid on Zuccotti Park last month. Splintering from the main body of Occupy Wall Street, planning to occupy the Time Square Countdown Ball ever since.

The city’s Department of Public Works has confirmed that the interior of the countdown ball is hollow. And more than capable of accommodating several people, though its structure mostly consists of aluminum, glass and light bulbs.

“But don’t let that fool you, it’s very sturdy,” said Sonia Santana, a city engineer who is responsible for inspecting the countdown ball. “In fact, it has a posted three person maximum capacity.”

Mrs. Santana, who has personally been inside the jubilant sphere while it was being dropped, claims the ride down is as smooth as any elevator.

“But I’ve only been dropped during testing,” said Mrs. Santana. “I’ve never been dropped on New Year’s Eve before.”

To ensure the New Year’s Eve celebration will be carried off without a hitch, Mrs. Santana will be riding inside the countdown ball. Accompanied by two policemen.

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