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Top 10 Things Madonna Could Have Done to Improve Her Super Bowl Halftime Show Performance

10) Worn that spiral cone shaped bullet bra. She’s 53 now and really needs the support.

9) Sung all her new hits, using her old phony baloney British accent.

8) Ripped up a photo of Britney Spears, while kissing Sinead O’Connor – Sinead who?

7) Sat down on a giant comfy couch surrounded by children, put on a pair of jewel studded cat framed granny eyeglass and read aloud a chapter from her book Sex. What? That’s right. It’s a picture book.

6) Adopt another kid from Ethiopia. No wait. That’s Angelina Jolie. Madonna got her kid from Kenya.

5) “Acted” out a scene from Evita with Antonio Banderas dressed up as Puss in Boots.

4) Had gay men dancing on stage. Correction: Had more gay men dancing on stage.

3) Gotten those Star Wars barking dogs to sing her songs instead of her.

2) Had a wardrobe malfunction, while singing Vogue.

1) Sung the ‘♪Bird is the Word♪’ while MIA flipped the Bird to a nationally broadcasted audience.

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