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Charlie Sheen Cancels "Sheen’s Korner"; Cites Personnel Problems

Hollywood, California -

"I had to cancel the show," said Charlie Sheen, the executive producer of the short-lived 'Sheen’s Korner', which aired on the Internet. "The guy playing me was just too unstable and real difficult to work with. In fact, I heard he takes drugs."

Charlie Sheen explains that as the executive producer of the edgy webcast he could not keep up with production costs, specifically the rise in insurance premiums due to the increased risk of having an alcoholic, drug addicted, sex addict host the show.

"It was a pure business decision," said Charlie Sheen. "I mean personally I like the guy. He’s a real pip. Who wouldn’t like him?"

Charlie Sheen describes the actor portraying him as an inner-child trapped in a man’s body. Akin to an epic Greek tragedy, like in the story of Icarus who fails to heed his father’s advice not to fly too close to the sun, melting his wings made of wax and falling into the sea.

"Yeah, and don't forget [BLEEP] Peter Pan too," said Charlie Sheen. "All rolled into one big doobie [excessively massive cannabis cigarette intended for consumption for non-medical related recreational use]. But you dare not smoke him because he’ll kill you. Not even Chuck Norris can smoke Charlie Sheen. Only Charlie Sheen can smoke Charlie Sheen...and survive. And you know why you trolls? That’s right. Because Charlie Sheen has tiger blood running through his veins."

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