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Nobel Peace Prize Changes Amount and Name of Award: Alfred Nobel to Alfred E. Neuman

Stockholm, Sweden –

Admitting that they are the biggest collection of eggheads on the planet and yet they still managed to mismanage their money, the Nobel Foundation voted today to change the name of their prestigious peace prize award from Alfred Nobel to Alfred E. Neuman.

The peace prize name change comes on the heels of their stunning announcement last month that they would be reducing future cash awards by some twenty percent.

Based on the belief that the name of an institution should reflect what it stands for the vote was unanimous.

“The name change more accurately represents what the award has come to represent in the eyes of the world in recent years,” said a Nobel Foundation member. “How did it come to this?”

Critics say the name change was long over due and should have been made years ago. Pointing to the nomination and awarding of President Obama years earlier, as the beginning of the institution’s decline.

“They started going downhill ever since they gave the peace prize to Obama,” spoke a critic. “I mean what was that all about? When did they start handing out Nobel prizes to people just because they’re not George W. Bush? Look at me. I’m not Bush. Where’s my [BLEEP] Nobel Peace Prize?”

No longer burdened by the hypocrisy, members of the Nobel Foundation expect the peace prize to quickly regain the glory of its former years.

“And if not, at the very least, a free lifetime subscription to Mad Magazine,” said a Nobel Foundation member.

Which, of course, will be passed on to the next Alfred E. Neuman Peace Prizewinner. Along with a villa on the French Riviera to compensate for the reduced prize numeration.

“Actually, that’s just a two week time share one of our members donated,” added the Nobel Foundation member. “And you have to pay for all your own traveling expenses there and back. And food too. But good news, all utilities are paid. Except for the trash, but I hear that’s negotiable.”

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