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Katy Perry’s Obama Political Slogan 'Forward' Dress Wardrobe Malfunction

Oops, not again.
Washington, D.C. –

While wearing an Obama Forward dress, attempting to reenact the famous iconic cinematic scene where Marilyn Monroe’s white dress suddenly blows upward exposing her legs, Katy Perry experienced a major wardrobe malfunction.

In that movie, The Seven-Year Itch (1955), the blonde bombshell was standing on a subway air vent. As a New York City subterranean commuter train passes underneath her, a gentle gust of wind blows up her dress. 

“For an instant, the mind’s eye swears it sees more than it actually does,” said Katy Perry’s manager. “That’s the effect she was going for.”

“I don’t understand what went wrong,” said a stagehand as he rushed backstage looking for a ladder.  “It all worked fine in rehearsals.”

During those rehearsals, Katy Perry stood on the pre-designated spot above a graded metal mesh with a high-powered turbine stationed below. 

“It simulated the gust of air from a passing subway train,” said the air blower operator. “Enough to lift up her dress a little just like in the movie.”

Only during those rehearsals, Katy Perry had to use a stand in dress made of Egyptian cotton, as the Obama Forward dress made of latex had not yet been delivered to her until the night of the show. 

As Katy Perry put on the latex dress, the air blower operator was told nothing of this. 

“I was told nothing of this,” later said the air blower operator. 

Standing on the iron grate, the air blew upward like in rehearsal. However, this time Katy Perry’s dress did not budge an inch.

“There was enough force generated to blow up her cotton dress that she wore at rehearsals,” said the stagehand now with a ladder in tow. “But it didn’t have the force to lift up the latex dress she was wearing during her live performance.”

Katy Perry not wanting to disappoint her fans signaled the air blower operator to increase the wind speed. 

“I tried to warn her that it would take near hurricane wind speed to lift up that latex dress of hers it was so tight,” said the air blower operator. “I guess she didn’t her me on account of the wind whistling in her ears.”

As the air blower operator increased the wind speed, the giant turbine made a jet engine like swooshing sound.

“The wind blew up her Obama Forward dress alright,” said the stagehand as he positioned the ladder under Katy Perry. “Like a balloon.”

Katy Perry’s latex balloon dress lifted her up into the rafters. 

With her legs dangling from the scuffling, Katy Perry fans below were delighted to look up and see a sight of their sexy Siren like they never seen before. 

“Now sometimes it’s best to settle for what the mind’s eye sees,” said the stagehand as he helped Katy Perry down the ladder, trying not to look up. “And sometimes what you see with your own eyes can blow your mind.”
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