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Justin Bieber’s YouTube Look-Alike, Scapegoat for Teen Heartthrob’s Legal Woes?

Melbourne, Australia –

Video of the teen heartthrob look-alike has been posted on YouTube by Justin Bieber’s manager to serve as a warning to unsuspecting fans of the presence of the imposter.

In that YouTube video, "Justin Bieber" walks over to a high-rise hotel window where the real Justin Bieber is registered and waves to the throng of female fans below, sending them into a frenzy. Moreover, it is believed that this is not the first time the Bieber imposter has struck.

The imposter was the one that was stopped for speeding on the 101 freeway in Los Angeles last month,” said Justin Bieber’s manager. “Not Justin Bieber.”

Apparently, when the imposter was pulled over by the police, he fooled them and everybody else into believing that he was the genuine article as well.

According to the Bieber camp, the imposter is also the one responsible for an assault on a member of the fourth estate, which just occurred last month.

“The imposter attacked a paparazzo the month before last, too,” said Justin Bieber’s manager. “All for taking a picture of him with Selena Gomez, can you believe that?”

“If that’s true,” said the police. “Then all charges against Justin Bieber for the alleged assault against the paparazzo will be dropped, and the ticket for the moving violation expunged from the record -- No wait. We tore up that ticket.”

“You know,” added Justin Bieber’s manager. “Come to think of it. The imposter could explain the reason for that paternity suit filed against Justin Bieber a while back.”

In addition to the YouTube video, Justin Bieber’s manager also released a prepared statement to the press.

“Don’t waste your time waving to the imposter,” read in part the Justin Bieber statement. “Ask him for his autograph. Taking pictures of him. Or bother stealing his pillowcases or stalking him. And especially, don’t buy any of his CDs.”

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