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Harvard Sex Week Joke #2

What What In The Butt: Anal Sex 101? 

Harvard offers a course on how to have anal sex during its annual sex week. We audit this class, which is already in progress.

The professor stands in front of his class naked, pointing to various charts, graphs and illustrations all on the topic of anal sex, the students are naked as well.

The professor, still naked, turns to face his class and says with a sigh, "Now, let's try this again. Shall we?"

He instructs the class to stand up and hold out their No. 2 pencils.

Looking around the lecture hall to make certain everyone was in compliance, the naked professor continues.

"Good," said the naked professor. "Now, on the count of three, we all drop our No. 2 pencils and bend over to pick them up."

Again, the naked professor pauses to look around, making sure everybody is in compliance before continuing.

"Ready?" he asks rhetorically. "One...Two..."

Suddenly, the naked professor pauses once again.

"And remember," says the naked professor. "This time, we all do it. Not just me -- And you there, up in the third row, I said amply apply lubricant. Amply apply. I really can't emphasize that enough...Three."

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President Obama has Sgt. Crowley and Prof. Gates Jr. Over for a Beer

Washington, D.C. --

As Sgt. James M. Crowley of the Cambridge Police Department and Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. were let into the Rose Garden of the White House, they were taken aback at the image of their Commander in Chief and leader of the free world donning a white Chef’s hat, houndstooth apron which read: “Flip Me Over, I’m All Done on This Side” and pouring over a hot grill.

“Take a seat gentlemen,” said President Barack Obama, directing the men to a park like bench. “Your hamburgers and hot dogs will be ready shortly. You’ll find the beer in the cooler.”

As the men sat down to dine, no one mentioned the incident that brought them all together. In fact, they all just sat quietly eating among themselves in absolute silence with President Obama at the head of the table. Not even attempts at small talk had been made, not even much sound came from the men, except for chewing, dry coughs and occasional burp from the beer. Finally the vocal silence was broken.

“Hey, is there any A-1 steak sauce?” asked Sgt. Crowley.

“Isn’t there any on the table?” replied a surprised Obama. “I thought I put it out here. Wait a minute I’ll just run in and get some.”

With that the President excused himself and ran in the direction of the White House. After a few minutes, he returned empty handed.

“Say, guys,” said President Obama, breathing heavily with his arms on hips, shaking his head. “You’re never going to believe this. I just locked myself out of the White House. Could anyone of you help me get the door open?”

“Sure!” said Henry Louis Gates Jr. as he rose to his feet to help the President.

Sgt. Crowley remained seated. Then after a few moments, once President Obama and Henry Louis Gates Jr. were out of sight, he reached underneath the picnic table pulling out a walkie-talkie.

“Officer Crowley to dispatch,” said Sgt. Crowley as he crouched under the picnic table. “I got a possible burglary in progress at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Send backup… Oh, ah, you better send everything we got…I mean everything.”

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