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Duke William Mispronounces Skid ‘Rōw’, Skid ‘Raů’

Skid Row, Los Angeles --

In a shocking display of just what the best education a pedigree can buy one this days, Duke Williams of Wales shocked Anglophiles (and anyone with a high school degree) everywhere when he mispronounced the Los Angeles Inter-City poverty stricken district known as: skid "row" (noun). Instead he repeatedly called it: skid "row" (intransitive verb).

“His supremacy was very tired at the time,” later explained a spokesman for the Duke. “He merely misspoke due to travel fatigue.”

Whether it as exhaustion or not, no one for the Duke could explain his seemingly failure to grasp the meaning of the word "row", which means street or way. From "row", quite the counterpart distinction from one of its alternate definitions he was using, which means to quarrel or fight.

“Listen,” said the spokesman for the Duke. “William is sometimes not all together himself. After all he’s not just a Duke, but a flyboy as well. And how they do love to mix it up from time to time.”

Recovered confiscated video news footage of the Duke’s speech at the Inter-City facility clearly show he was actively encouraging winos, hobos and the homeless to fight each other.

“Now that’s simply not true,” insisted the Duke’s spokesman, before having been shown the video and later making a retraction in the same breath. “Well, okay…So maybe he did egg them on a bit. But in the Duke’s defense, he was touring the homeless shelter’s gymnasium at the time. Besides no one was seriously injured…well, unless you count the old chap that took a metal folding chair to the head from the Duke. But when the old chap finally awakens from his coma, I’m certain he will enjoy the shinny new sixpence he won for a trophy.”

Ending footage from the recovered confiscated news video shows a smiling Duke in hospital, standing bedside shaking the unconscious man’s hand, while an assistant to the royal applies a sixpence to the homeless man’s forehead with some adhesive tape.

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