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White House Releases Death Photo of Geronimo, Instead of Osama Bin Laden

Washington, D.C. --

In a case of alleged mistaken identity, the White House released what they believed was a photo of a deceased Osama bin Laden. However, what they actually released was a grainy, black and white image of a then very much dead, Geronimo instead.

"Actually, we didn't make the mistake. Another branch of government did," said a spokesman for the White House. "But does it really matter anyway? I mean back then to White settlers being massacred on the frontier by the Apache nation, Geronimo was the Osama Bin Laden of their time."

So the White House authorized the release of Geronimo's death photo taken at Fort Sill, Oklahoma on February 17, 1909 as a substitute for Osama bin Laden.

However, some Native Americans believe the so-called "mistaken identity" is payback by some elements in the federal government for their release of a controversial but popular T-shirt. A silkscreen reprint of a black and white photo of a group of armed Native Americans from the 19th century (Geronimo among them) with an accompanying caption, which reads: "[The Original] Homeland Security – Fighting Terrorism Since 1492"

"I guess some of our White brothers resented the comparison of their ancestors to terrorists," said a Native American. "Sound familiar?"

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