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Jodie Foster Funds SETI – Is She ‘In Search of…’ A ‘Contact’ Movie Sequel?

Hollywood, California –

Ironically, in the movie Contact, which was based on a sci-fi novel of the same name written by Carl Sagan, the Oscar award- wining actress Jodie Foster portrayed a character that criticized Hollywood for milking space aliens like a cash cow and giving nothing back.

Well, today Foster lifted a line right off the pages of the Contact screenplay and putting her money where her mouth is, she coughed up a wad of cash for the continuing Search for Extraterrestrial-Intelligence (SETI) program in California.

SETI scientists say that if it was not for Foster’s donation, they were going to throw in the towel on the search for extraterrestrial intelligent life and lease out their 42 radio telescope dishes to Dish TV.

“I’m sure glad it didn’t come to that,” said a scientist. “Because I’m a cable man myself.”

According to Foster’s conditions, the amount of the donation is to remain a secret.

“Her only other condition was that we continue to selflessly dedicate ourselves to the SETI program,” said a scientist. “Oh yeah. And that she owns the movie rights when we make contact, too.”

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