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Rose Parade Marijuana Float from Colorado Catches Fire Along Route

Pasadena, California –

A special tributary ‘Dreams Come True’ float made entirely of cannabis and hemp celebrating the state of Colorado’s passage of a new law this year allowing for the recreational use of marijuana mysteriously caught fire along the Rose Parade route while being towed. 

Colorado is the first state ever to pass such a law legalizing the consumption of pot simply for a good time. 

“You don’t need a doctor’s note to light up a doobie anymore,” said a member of the Colorado State legislature. 

As the all-cannabis and hemp float made its way down Colorado Blvd., parade watches along the route were engulfed in purple haze of mellowing marijuana smoke.

People joined hands singing John Denver’s ‘Rocky Mountain High’ as the Mary Jane float meandered down the parade route. Until it disappeared in its very own fogbank.  

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