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Top 10 Things Mexican-Americans (A.K.A. “Pochos”) Can Do to Avoid Getting Deported Under Arizona’s SB 1070

International Boarder --

With the United States Supreme Court's upcoming ruling seemingly favoring Arizona’s SB 1070 (and with the first Hispanic, Sonia Sotomayor, onboard) and other state legislators following close behind. Recent discussions in the mainstream media analyzing only scenarios of authorities stopping and detaining only the undocumented citizens among us in their new “Dragnet”, leaving it up to local law enforcement to solely define who is and who is not a U.S. (naturalized and undocumented) citizen.

All that rather than considering the second-class citizenship the new judicially vetted law, and others like it, is surely to deal out to Mexican-Americans (“Pochos”).

Well, we here at have taken the liberty to confront these serious unaddressed issues with a smile. By publishing ten simple suggestions for all U.S. (naturalized and undocumented) citizens alike that happen to still look like they just crossed the boarder when in reality the border crossed them.

Let us pray it does not “Railroad” the rest of us in the process as well.

Remember as a U.S. (naturalized and undocumented) citizen you have nothing to worry about, even if you still happen to look like an illegal alien, whatever that means under today’s politically correct construct. Unless that is when pulled over by the Arizona (or other) police for probable cause, You Happen to…

10) You happen to…have your car radio tuned to a so-called “Mexican Radio” speaking station.

9) You happen to… wear a crucifix around your neck and make the sign of the cross when passing by a Catholic Church.

8) You happen to… refer to your sandals as huaraches instead of flip-flops.

7) You happen to… have your automobile maintenance log, which documents you performed 9 out the last 10 major car repairs yourself.

6) You happen to… admit your ancestors are from Mexico and maybe the Philippines, too.

5) You happen to… still have a 2008 Obama “Hope and Change” bumper sticker on the back of your car.

4) You happen to… have a multiple hyphenated Spanish surname printed on your driver’s license.

3) You happen to… get caught singing along with your car radio to your favorite song in three languages: English, Spanish and Spanglish.

2) You happen to… own a talking Chihuahua that eerily sounds a lot like George Lopez or that Taco Bell ad.

1) You happen to… produce a state certified birth certificate from Hawaii -- Oh yeah, that’s how all this started (again).

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