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Talk Radio Gives ‘John The Baptist Show’ the Axe

Los Angeles, California –

Citing low ratings, Talk Radio KFI 640 AM management gave its latest religious themed show the axe, pulling the plug during the first half-hour of its premiere episode.

“We had hoped the show could ride on the coattails of our very popular ‘The Jesus Show’,” read a press release by the station’s management. “Apparently, we were wrong.”

Believing ratings would be served up to them on a silver platter, station programmers scheduled the ‘John The Baptist Show’ immediately following ‘The Jesus Show’.

“All marketing demographics indicated the show should have been a success,” said a radio critic.

However, according to a KFI insider, the show was doomed from the start.

“Jesus didn’t want the John show on the air to begin with,” said an assistant producer who asked not to be identified. “He thought it would cut into his market share of followers.”

So Jesus sabotaged the ‘John The Baptist Show’ by meddling with its scheduling.

Critics confirmed scheduling is what did in the show, arguing that debuting the show on Palm Sunday and on April Fools’ Day was just too much of a handicap for the show to overcome.

“You might say it was like taking a 9mm double tap to the back of the head,” said one critic.

Listeners called into the ‘John The Baptist Show’ saying that they were confused.

“I didn’t know if the ‘John The Baptist Show’ was real like ‘The Jesus Show’. Or just another April Fools’ Day prank,” said a caller.

Jesus of ‘The Jesus Show’ refused to comment on the cancellation of the ‘John The Baptist Show’ except for releasing the following written statement:

“You shall bruise him in the head. And he shall bruise you in the heel.” -- Genesis 3:15

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