White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki Plans to Step Down After Learning She is 100th in Line to Takeover the Presidency


"There she goes! She's headed for the president.
Somebody stop her!"

 Washington, D.C. --

 By Robert W.  Armijo

 With clear eyes, Jen Psaki   announced in a TV   interview that she plans to   step down from her post   as  White House Press   Secretary sometime in the   coming year.

Moreover, Psaki added she was doing so of her own free will and not under duress of any kind. Or having been pressured to resign her position over unsubstantiated circulated rumors of any inappropriate behavior or sexual innuendo of any kind or by any member of the White House.

“I will miss her,” said President Biden. “She has the softest skin and best smelling hair of all the females on my staff.”

However, a leaked internal White House memo to the press described Jen Psaki as:

“An ambitious and revengeful red headed little [CENSORED] that is consumed with power and went into an estrogen powered hormonal rage, after having discovered she is 100th in line to assume the presidency.”

“She went ballistic,” said a witness who eavesdrop on a conversion of an actual witness to the incident. 

Reportedly, Psaski was seen exiting the Oval Office carefully carrying a bedpan in her hands when she heard the news.

“That’s when the shit hit the fan,” said the eavesdropper who overheard the actual eye witness.

Psaski was so enraged she had to be subdued by the Secret Service.

“But she quickly overpowered them and headed straight for the Oval Office, picking up the empty bedpan along the way,” according to the eavesdropper.

With her free hand on the Oval Office doorknob, she was tased and collapsed to the floor. The empty bedpan covering her face.

“I think after I resign,” said a reflective Jen Psaski. “I’ll open my own security firm specializing in self-defense exclusively for women.  And then a daycare center for the elderly.”



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