Omarosa Forcefully Removed from the White House Kicking and Screaming

“Only he can fire me!” repeatedly shouted Omarosa.
“He hired me! He has to fire me!”
-- Washington, D.C.

By Robert W. Armijo

As members of the Secret Service and White House security guards, struggled to subdue former The Apprentice star and recent White House staff member, Omarosa Manigault, other staff members ran out of the Oval Office throwing papers in the air as they fled.

“Only he can fire me!” repeatedly shouted Omarosa. “He hired me! He has to fire me!”

Omarosa clung to the side of a couch as two Secret Service agents (a man and a woman) each pulling one of her legs. 

After a call was made by a Secret Service agent who stepped from behind a curtain; speaking softly into his wrist did the president’s voice finally boom over the White House intercom.

“Is thing on?” said the president. “It is? Okay...Listen. Omarosa, baby. My boys with the shades on tell me you’re giving them a hard time. Is that true?”

“Yes, Mr. President,” Omarosa answered as she released the couch and arose to her feet.

“Why?” asked the president. “You’re a bright, attractive and still fairly young -- I mean to other men. Not me. -- woman. Why put yourself through this ordeal?”

“Because, Mr. President,” said Omarosa, staring into empty space but as if she were addressing the president directly. “I need to hear you say it…Say it one last time before I go.”

“Then you’ll leave peacefully, right?” asked the president.

“Yes,” replied Omarosa. “You just give the word, Mr. President.”

“Very well then,” said President Donald J. Trump. “The word is given: You're FIRED! FIRED!! FIRED!!!”

The president’s voice was so loud it caused the walls of the White House to vibrate and shake. 

Pictures and presidential portraits fell to the floor.

Omarosa’s hair flowed in the air as if caught up a gale strength gust of wind.

Secret Service men hugged each other for support as their shades blew off their faces.

As the echo of the president’s voice slowly died down, Omarosa brushed the dust off her skirt and with head held up high, she walked out of the Oval Office, loosely followed from behind by a security detail of a dozen or Secret Service agents and White House security guards. 

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Copyright© 2017 by Robert W. Armijo. All rights reserved.

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