Artist Rendition of Harambe the Gorilla Just Moments Before His Death Released by Cincinnati Zoo Officials

Harambe, as seen through the cross-hairs
of Cincinnati zoo officials.
Cincinnati, Ohio --

By Robert W. Armijo

Claiming that the actual footage captured by the gorilla enclosure’s security camera is too graphic to release to the public, Cincinnati zoo officials instead released an artist rendition of Harambe, the 400 pound, 17-tear-old rare silverback gorilla, just moments before his was euthanized.  

An action Cincinnati zoo officials have consistently maintained was necessary to save the 3-year-old boy who fell into the gorilla enclosure last week.

All most immediately after the killing of Harambe, zoo officials become the latest targets of social media. 

Even with the release of the artist rendition of Hamrambe’s final moments, however, critics took to social media, criticizing the zoo officials for releasing the artist rendition, calling it bias, inaccurate and insensitive. 

“The portrait couldn’t be any more accurate,” insisted the director of the zoo. “That’s exactly how Harambe looked just before we had to put him down. In fact, all that’s missing from the drawing is the cross-hairs.”
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