High ‘Shcool’ Diploma Misspelling Known by Administrators All Along

"Look, Mom! Look, Dad!
I'm a high shcool graduate!"

By Robert W. Armijo

Administrators admit they knew about the misspelling of ‘shcool’ printed on graduation diplomas in advance of the high school’s commencement ceremony, but they did not take any action to correct it. 

“We simply didn’t think anyone would notice,” said a school administrator. “In fact, we’re surprised anyone did.”

Students themselves admit they did not notice the mistake until after accepting the misspelled diplomas, having posed for pictures with friends, family or even by themselves and then uploading them online.

“I didn’t know school was misspelled on my diploma until after I took a selfie with it and posted it on Facebook,” said Patricia, a recent high ‘shcool’ graduate. 

Patrica's followers tweeted her back ‘LOL’.

"I got over a thousand likes," said Patrica.

Are modern day shcool administrators ushering
 in the extinction of the American spelling bee?
School administrators have offered to replace any misspelled diplomas with a corrected version. 

However, they have yet to receive a single request.

“What did I tell you?” said a school administrator.    

Many educators believe the resulting illiteracy is due to many school districts having dropped spelling and cursive writing from their curriculum, while others are blaming the death of the American spelling bee on colony collapse. 

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