Photo of Baby with Puppies Goes Viral: The Tragic Hidden Story Behind the Scenes...

Awww...ful. Yeah, I know. It's Called Dark Humor.

By Robert W. Armijo

“Originally the bitch gave birth to 10 puppies,” said the owner of the dog, who herself gave birth on the same day to a healthy baby boy. “But she got dressed...And so, she ate one.”

The owner then took her dog to the vet for a checkup.

“She is suffering from postpartum depression,” said the family veterinarian. “It’s a common condition experienced by most mammals and some marsupials after giving birth.” 

The vet gave the dog some medication, but he could not make any promises.

“She may eat another one,” the veterinarian cautioned. “There’s just no telling.”

“That’s what gave me the idea to have my baby pose with the remaining nine puppies,” said the new mother, as she reached in to the baby crib, lifting up her baby, walking it over to a rocking chair. “I waited a family portrait of the survivors.”

So the owner called a photographer friend of hers to take the adoring pictures.

Tragically, the next day the owner woke up to discover that there were now only eight puppies left.

“She must have eaten another one, sometime last night,” said the owner with indifference in her voice, as she stroked and kissed the head of her baby, slowly rocking the chair back and forth, back and forth, back and forth...
“Lucky dog,” the mother whispered into the newborn's ear, as she reached out with one hand and closed the door to the nursery. 

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